How-to Deep Clean Your Carpets With The Kirby.

Learn how a deep cleaning vacuum like the Kirby removes the dirt your old vacuum left behind.

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Deep Clean Your Carpet with the Kirby.

If you’re looking for the ultimate deep cleaning vacuum, the Kirby is the perfect choice! For over 100 years, customers around the world have praised the Kirby for its unmatched reliability and legendary performance. But what is a “deep cleaning vacuum” and what exactly can the Kirby do? Get ready to learn more about how our American made vacuum will not only clean your home, but it will also leave you with peace-of-mind knowing your house is “Kirby clean”.

What exactly is in my carpet?

Between pets, kids, guests, mealtime, bad weather, and more, dirt can gather faster than the family at dinner time! Every day, your carpets are subjected to footsteps, spills, paw prints, plus everyday dirt, dust, hair, dead skin, and other debris. As life goes on, large debris tends to settle on top of carpet fibers.

This dirt can easily be seen and typically simple to pick up. Sticky spills like mud, food, body oils, and more cling to carpet fibers often making it very difficult to clean. Not only is this type of dirt hard to remove, it’s sticky nature can make dirt and hair cling to carpet more than usual.

The smallest particles fall past carpet fibers to the carpet backing and sometimes into the carpet padding. This is the most difficult to remove due to the small size of the dirt particles.

How does that impact our home?

Having dirty carpets isn’t just unsightly. It can also impact your life in many other ways. For those who suffer with allergies, regular vacuuming is the best defence to make your home comfortable to live in. And those with pets know more than anyone that our four-legged friends leave their hair on everything.

But nothing tops a stinky house. If you’re not vacuuming regularly, the dirt, hair, food crumbs, and more can start to smell and no one wants to live in a smelly home. Finally, direct in your carpets can also damage your flooring and shorten the life of your carpeting.

What is a Deep Cleaning Vacuum?

If you want to avoid a smelly home, minimize seasonal allergies, or simply clean up after your pets and family, you’ll need a vacuum that can remove all the dirt, grime, and debris from your carpet. That is why it’s so important to purchase the RIGHT vacuum instead of the cheapest or flashiest vacuum you can find. A deep cleaning vacuum cleans from the top of the carpet all the way down into the backing of the carpet, removing all debris both large and small. Plus, with HEPA filtration, you’ll have peace of mind knowing HEPA filter vacuums can trap particles as small as 0.3 microns!

How A Kirby Deep Cleans Carpets and Floors.

Now that we know what’s in our carpet, how does a deep cleaning vacuum like the Kirby remove dirt, hair, and other debris?

The answer is American engineering, industry leading airflow, a powerful brush roll, and unbelievable suction.

The ultimate cleaning system


Rotating at 3,200 RPMs, the bristles of our brush roll apply the perfect amount of agitation to carpet fibers. As our powerful brush roll moves over carpet, dirt is swept into the power head’s vortex where it is trapped inside our filter bag. This agitation effectively releases dirt, hair, food crumbs, and more from your carpet.


With the brush roll agitating your carpet, the Kirby’s motor and airflow creates powerful vibrations capable of dislodging caked-in dirt.

Plus, with the Kirby’s die cast aluminum construction, the vibration generated by the Kirby helps reach deep down into your carpet and easily shake loose any debris.


Suction is one of the primary methods the Kirby uses to remove dirt. Designed with the aid of NASA, the Kirby fan is highly durable and produces industry-leading airflow. The airflow, or suction, is highly effective due to eleven strong, curved blades designed for peak efficiency, maximum airflow, and remarkable suction.

Kirby, the home of Vacuums

Bragging rights included.

For over 100 years, Kirby owners from across the world have raved about their clean homes and long-lasting Kirby Systems. Not only does the Kirby deep clean unlike any other vacuum on the market, our aluminum construction and American craftsmanship will ensure you’ll be cleaning for years to come!

The ultimate cleaning system

Using the Right Attachment.

Cleaning your home can be a big job but it can be so much easier if you’re using the right tool. While most vacuums come with a variety of attachments, the Kirby comes with 14 custom tools that make cleaning a breeze. From crevice cleaning tools to wall and ceiling brushes, the Kirby’s attachments are perfect for quickly cleaning every inch of your home.

Keeping dirt in the filter and out of your home.

Your time is valuable, and nothing is more frustrating than seeing dirt you just cleaned up back on your floors and in your home. That is why the Kirby has always used disposable filter bags with HEPA filtration making removing trapped dirt a breeze. Never have to deal with clouds of dust and hair when emptying a filter cup on a bagless vacuum again! Using a disposable HEPA filter bag means you’ll keep the dirt in your filter and off your floors.