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The Most Reliable And Well-Built Vacuum Cleaners

For more than 100 years, every Kirby has been handcrafted in the United States from die-cast aluminum.

Why Kirby Offers the Most Reliable and Well-Built Vacuum Cleaners  

If you think of your vacuum as a short-term cleaning solution, it’s time to change that perspective. This tool should be a lifetime purchase, providing years — even decades — of reliable cleaning. The sooner you adjust your cleaning mindset, the more likely you will invest in a reliable system that delivers the high-performance, long-term results you deserve.

If longevity is a priority, you’ll want to select the most reliable vacuum cleaner brand available. First, it’s important to determine: what is the most reliable vacuum cleaner?

When in doubt, look to Kirby for peace of mind. This name carries a great deal of prestige, partly because Kirby vacuums are so durable. The Kirby Avalir 2 can be counted on to deliver many years of exceptional cleaning performance for all the surfaces in your home.

There’s simply no match for the confidence that a Kirby cleaning system can provide. Dig into the details, and you’ll quickly see why Kirby has a reputation for being the most reliable vacuum cleaner brand.

How a Reliable Vacuum Saves You Money

If you’re accustomed to purchasing the most affordable products available, the upfront cost of a Kirby vacuum may seem prohibitive. Don’t let this scare you away. This is the perfect application for the adage “you get what you pay for.”

Yes, a Kirby costs more at the time of purchase, but the long-term cost of ownership is shockingly low. Frequent repairs and replacements are par for the course with other types of vacuums. Yes, you might spend $200 or less, but a mediocre clean is also likely. Moreover, your supposedly affordable vacuum probably only cleans select rugs or carpets, forcing you to shell out extra for additional devices or even professional cleaning services.

Unfortunately, low-cost vacuums frequently break down after a few years of use. Limited warranty coverage may not be sufficient to get the necessary repairs or replacement parts, leaving you to look for a brand-new vacuum. After you’ve repeated this cycle a few times, you’ll have paid far more than you would have with a single, reliable Kirby — and during this time, you’ll have dealt with less-than-impressive cleaning results.

With a Kirby vacuum cleaning system, savings take many forms. First, there’s the ability to use the same vacuum for several decades. As a result, the Kirby pays for itself over time. Next, there’s the inherent versatility of your Kirby system. Designed to clean hardwood, tile, vehicle interior, and upholstery, a single Kirby vacuum (plus the included accessories) prevents you from needing to invest in additional equipment.

What Makes Kirby Vacuums So Reliable?

Whether or not you’ve owned a Kirby, you’re probably aware of the brand’s strong reputation. Anecdotes abound from happy customers who have successfully cleaned their homes with Kirby systems for twenty, thirty, or even fourty years. These loyal customers always know that no matter where they reside or what stage of life they find themselves in, their Kirby vacuums can always be counted on for a deep clean.

To the uninitiated, however, the mere promise of a solid clean may not seem sufficient to overcome the higher price tag. This hesitance is only natural; over the years, we’ve become accustomed to purchasing our favorite items at as low of a cost as possible, with little regard to how long these products will last or whether they will deliver promised results. This line of thinking is not in keeping with the Kirby mentality.

Ultimately, skeptics require a thorough breakdown of what makes Kirby so superior and why these vacuums are always worth the extra investment.

Warranty Coverage

A solid warranty should put you at ease when you invest in a high-end vacuum. Unfortunately, many of Kirby’s competitors offer only one year of limited warranty coverage. However, with the Kirby Avalir 2, you can expect any defects in parts or craftsmanship to be addressed within three years of your purchase from an authorized distributor.

In all likelihood, you’ll never need to use this warranty — since the Kirby is built to last, major issues are unlikely. Still, Kirby’s warranty provides valuable peace of mind. You should feel fully confident as you begin your new journey as a Kirby user. Replacement belts, hoses, and brush rolls are also available so you can swap these parts out with minimal hassle.

Choose the Kirby Avalir 2 for a Reliable Clean.

Filtration System

A solid filtration system improves air quality by reducing your exposure to allergens. Beyond this, however, quality filtration could potentially extend the life of your vacuum. This is evident in Kirby Avalir 2, which boasts high-level HEPA filtration. Not only is this more effective for handling pollen, dander, and other potentially harmful particles, it reduces wear and tears on the vacuum’s motor.

Made in America

Nowadays, it’s often difficult to find a vacuum built in the USA. Many familiar brands — even those we mentally associate with American production — have factories and headquarters overseas.

Customers are not yet attuned to this reality. They express a clear preference for American-made vacuums but continue to buy vacuums made in China or elsewhere — simply because they don’t understand the facts of the modern vacuum market.

For many discerning consumers, American-made vacuums bring extra peace of mind. Customers like knowing that production processes and vacuums conform to local standards. This is a clear advantage for Kirby, which employs many hardworking individuals at factories in Ohio, Tenessee and Texas. When you buy a Kirby, you know it has been assembled on American soil.


Every Kirby comes equipped with a wealth of accessories meant for targeted cleaning. These improve convenience, but they may also influence the longevity of your vacuum.

Without the right attachments, you might be inclined to use your vacuum to clean spaces it’s ill-suited to navigate. Clumsy handling in difficult nooks and crannies will leave your vacuum vulnerable to excessive physical contact, which could cause dents or even more significant problems.

Attachments reduce the strain on your vacuum by providing a more targeted clean. Instead of forcing your vacuum into small spaces, you can count on specialized accessories such as the hose, surface nozzle, or Zippbrush to care for otherwise difficult-to-dislodge debris.

Quality Materials

Many vacuums are constructed from low-grade plastics. These can decrease the weight and initially make vacuums seem easier to maneuver — but plastic vacuums are a lot easier to damage.
Kirby vacuums may be heavier than similarly powered models from competitors, but the die-cast aluminum that underscores this heft makes them so durable.

You don’t need to sacrifice maneuverability to enjoy using a robust vacuum. The Kirby Avalir 2 comes with Tech Drive Power Assist, which keeps each vacuum running smoothly. This elite transmission helps you handle your vacuum effortlessly, even with high-pile carpets.

Kirby, the home of Vacuums

The Kirby is more than just a vacuum.

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