Owner's Manuals

Kirby, the home of Vacuums

You will be in good hands.

Lost or misplaced your manual? Need to do a little troubleshooting on your Kirby system? Our complete collection of Kirby Owner Manuals gives you access to every owner manual The Kirby Company has produced over our 100+ years in business. While our vacuums are designed to last a lifetime, we want to make sure you always have access to your Owner Manual.

Kirby, the home of Vacuums

Take a step back through time.

Every Kirby, from every decade. Click on the cover to view past owner's manuals.

Kirby Avalir

Launched: 2014-2017

Kirby Sentria

Launched: 2006-2012

Kirby Sentria II

Launched: 2012-2014

Kirby Gsix

Launched: 1999-2002

Kirby Ultimate G series

Launched: 2002-2006

Kirby G4

Launched: 1993-1997

Kirby G5

Launched: 1997-1999

Kirby Legend II

Launched: 1989-1990

Kirby Generation 3

Launched: 1990-1993

Kirby Heritage

Launched: 1981-1984

Kirby Heritage II / Legend

Launched: 1984-1989

Kirby Classic III

Launched: 1976-1979

Kirby Tradition

Launched: 1979-1981

Kirby Classic

Launched: 1970-1973

Kirby Classic Omega

Launched: 1973-1976

Kirby Dual Sanitronic 50

Launched: 1965-1967

Kirby Dual Sanitronic 80

Launched: 1967-1970

Kirby Model 519

Kirby Model 561

Kirby Model 517

Kirby Model 518

Kirby Model 515

Kirby Model 516

Launched: 1956-1957

Kirby Model 513

Kirby Model 514

Kirby Model 509

Kirby Model 510

Launched: 1950-1951

Kirby Model 505

Launched: 1945-1947

Kirby Model 508

Kirby Model 2C

Kirby Model 4C