Scrub Tile & Grout With The Kirby.

Tile and grout can be one of the most difficult flooring surfaces to clean. Luckily, the Kirby can clean tile while reaching deep into grout joints for the ultimate deep clean.

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Cleaning Tile & Grout Floors.

For homes with tile and grout floors, you know first-hand how difficult clean them can be. Vacuuming or sweeping removes loose dirt, but oftentimes dirt and grime sinks deep into grout joints making vacuums less effective.

The traditional method of cleaning tile and grout involves a mop and bucket but this can be tedious and messy. Luckily, the Kirby with Tile and Grout Brush Roll installed in the Multi-Surface Shampoo System converts the Kirby into a power scrubber capable of cleaning any tile and grout floor.

Why Are Tile & Grout Floors Harder To Clean Than Other Hard Floors?

Tile and grout floors can be more difficult to clean than other hard floors because tile and grout is often unlevel compared to other floors. Since each tile is installed by hand and set in grout, the surface of tiles can be uneven. This presents difficulty when cleaning because a vacuum brush roll may ONLY contact tile that was installed slightly higher than others.

This uneven surface is further exaggerated when you consider that every grout joint dips further than the tile surface. The difference from the tallest tile to the lower grout joint can be dramatic and not many cleaning tools can effectively scrub both surfaces.

Grout Versus Tile.

The other thing to remember about cleaning tile and grout is that they are two very different materials. Tile is often stone, porcelain, ceramic, or granite while grout is a mixture of water, cement, and sand. Tile is a solid surface and is great for repealing water.

In contrast, grout joints are porous so it will absorb any liquid that is spilled on it. For this reason, grout joints are typically sealed with a water-based sealant that prevents absorption. This difference is important because one is much easier to clean than the other.

Why The Kirby Tile & Grout Brush Roll Is Unique.

What makes the Kirby Tile and Grout Brush Roll so unique is the varied bristle length designed specifically for tile and grout. As previously stated, tile and grout floors can often be uneven with taller tiles than others and porous grout joints that are often lower than the tile surface.

The Kirby Tile and Grout Brush Roll features varied bristles designed to scrub both tile surfaces and deep into grout joints. The bristles designed to clean tile easily brushes off caked-on dirt and debris while bristles for grout joints are longer and more rigid so they apply more pressure to grout joints than the tile. This ensures that both tile surfaces and grout joints are properly scrubbed.

Using A Tile & Grout Cleaner.

In addition to properly scrubbing tile and grout, using a specialized cleaning product will make cleaning much easier. The Kirby Tile and Grout Cleaner is a powerful surfactant that will help release caked-on dirt and grime from both the tile and grout surface.

This surfactant will make cleaning tile surfaces much easier while also reaching deep into grout joints to help remove built-up stains and grime.

How-To Clean Tile & Grout With The Kirby.

To clean tile and grout floors with the Kirby, first install the Kirby Tile and Grout Brush Roll into the Multi-Surface Shampoo System.

Next, simply spray Kirby Tile and Grout Cleaner on the floor, then scrub with the power of the Kirby. Keep in mind, wet floors are slippery so allow your floor to completely dry before walking on it!

Why Using The Kirby Is Better Than Cleaning With A Mop.

Let’s face it, the old-school mop and bucket cleaning routine just doesn’t cut it. For over 100 years, the Kirby has been world renown for its unbelievable cleaning power.

Not only can the Kirby vacuum but you can also harness the power of the Kirby and convert it into a powerful floor scrubber that is PERFECT for cleaning tile and grout floors.

Kirby, the home of Vacuums

Deep Clean Tile & Grout Floors With The Kirby.

It’s time you started cleaning your tile and grout floors with power! Ditch the mop and bucket and harness the power of the Kirby. Your tile and grout floors will thank you for many years to come.